YdocBookApp prize winners announced

Congratulations to Anaïs Lopez and Robin Butter on winning the YdocBookApp prize!

Anaïs Lopez charmed the jury with her beautiful project, In the beginning no bird sang and Robin Butter convinced all with the intriguing body of work in, It takes my mind off things.
A big thank you to the nominators, the jury and the nominees for sharing their work with us. Keep following us to see these projects turned into YdocBookApps. 


Maydan - Hundred Portraits

“As Yanukovych’s government had just fallen, as the president was on the run and the police had disappeared from the streets of Kiev, for a very short time power belonged entirely to the people. It's that time of latency, when everything seems possible, that I tried to capture in the eyes of the people as I asked them two questions:
-What would you like to see happening now?
-What do you think will happen? ”

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Oil & Paradise

Between 2008 and 2013, photographer Ad Nuis travelled to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan no fewer than ten times. Each of these visits would last about 25 days. With Oil & Paradise Nuis portrays the absurd contradictions between the lives of the nouveaux riches in Baku and the ordinary citizens of Azerbaijan. In 2012 Azerbaijan, a country under strict dictatorship, hosted the Eurovision Songfestival. It turned out to be an unabashed display of new wealth in the country that also competed to host the football World Cup and the Olympics. 


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